GE Regulator Control Brown Board Repair

The older 8″ x 11″ brown colored main control boards for the ML-32 (and early LRT tapchanger controls) are not repairable due to parts non-availability.

Shewmaker Electronics has developed the RB-2; an improved OEM replacement board for the old GE “Brown Board” for GE VR-1 / ML-32 Regulators and Tapchangers.

Shewmaker Electronics’ RB-2

Shewmaker Electronics is proud to produce an improved OEM replacement board for GE regulators and LTC controls!

The RB-2 will directly replace component boards found in VR-1 regulators and later model LTC’s, as well as ML-32 regulators and older model LTC’s, with the addition of an adapter cable.

This design is based on Shewmaker Electronics 30+ years of experience in repairing regulator and LTC controls.  Improved circuits and parts design criteria have resulted from this experience and are embodied in this design.

We are also pleased to announce these boards are available from stock!

RB-2, CAB1 & CAB2

  • RB-2: VR-1 / ML-32 replacement component board
  • CAB1: Adapts board to mate with 9 & 12 pin rectangular plugs found in ML-32 regulator control cabinets
  • CAB2: Adapts board to mate with 9 & 12 pin rectangular plugs found in older LTC control cabinets

“Brown Board” note:  The RB-2 board will replace the older ML-32 brown boards with the addition of the CAB1 or CAB2, as required by the application.

RB-2 Warranty:  Two year limited warranty on RB-2 from purchase date.  If a board failure during that time occurs, Shewmaker Electronics, Inc will repair or replace said board at our option.  Because we cannot control the conditions under which equipment is put into service, Shewmaker Electronics only liability will be for repair or replacement, and will under no circumstances assume any liability for damages consequential or incidental.  Shewmaker Electronics sole liability will not exceed purchase price paid by customer.  Customer, through the action of purchasing and / or installing equipment indicates full agreement with the terms of this warranty.