Helping you stay in control since 1983.

There are several “industrial electronic servicers” on the web that you will find who “dabble” in control repair for utilities.  The bread and butter of these companies are usually PLC and other industrial control devices.  They service very few utility specific devices, and those that quote prices online prove that they only dabble…you will pay for their learning curve.
Since our founding, Shewmaker Electronics has been involved exclusively with controls and equipment used by power companies.  We not only understand electronics, but also the workings of a regulator, an LTC transformer, a capacitor bank, and a recloser installation.
Since 1993, we have specialized in maximizing your investment in your controls.  Unless you are adding SCADA control to devices in a substation, it really doesn’t pay to spend 3 times what a rebuild costs in order to get new features in a control that you may never use in the location it is to be installed.
Have an emergency need?  We can offer emergency turnaround times on request.  We also have a stock of rebuilt equipment on the shelf that we can provide to you with next day delivery (cut off time 2:00).  For more information, please call us at 800-330-5409.
Please check back to our web site from time to time.  We are constantly expanding our service offerings to include more and more “electric utility specific” equipment.


Repair Services:

We currently repair all of the following:

  • Regulator Controls – This includes GE, Westinghouse, Siemens-Allis, Moloney / Tempo, Cooper (McGraw), Beckwith and ICMI regulator controls.
  • Re-Closer Controls – Including Allis, ABB (Westinghouse), Cooper (McGraw), and GE recloser controls.
  • LTC Controls -Our LTC control repair includes the following manufacturers; GE, Westinghouse, Siemens-Allis, Moloney/ Tempo, Cooper (McGraw) and Beckwith LTC control models.
  • Capacitor Controls – Our Capacitor control repair includes: Fisher Pierce, Sangamo, Elliot, S&C, HD Nomax and Line Materials (McGraw).
  • Station Chargers -We repair station chargers from C&D, Power Conversion Products, Exide, LaMarche, Edison, Goodall,
    Gould, Marathon, GNB, and Fansteel among others.
  • Station Metering – We service substation panel meters by Bitronics and GIL Instruments
  • Protective Relay – We service various 79 reclose relays and power supplies for Transfer-Trip terminals, as well as under/overvoltage relays and under / over frequency relays.
  •  Metering Test Equipment -We provide NIST-traceable calibration for the Probewell MT-1 line of meter test sets.  We are also the exclusive worldwide calibration and service laboratory for Fisher Pierce metering products:  1131A portable meter tester and 1143 & 1144 polyphase circuit analyzers (PCA).
  • Test Instruments – We regularly service Oil Testers, Hipot Testers, Thumpers and Ohmmeters.

Have a question for us? You can click here for shipping instructions or call us toll free at 800-330-5409