Test Instrument Repair

At Shewmaker Electronics Inc. we service all of the following types of instruments: Oil dielectric testers, Hipot testers, Ohmmeters, and Thumpers. You can reach us at 1-800-330-5409 for questions about instrument repair.

Oil Dielectric Testers

We regularly service Oil Dielectric Test equipment by Hipotronics and Phenix.

Calibration includes rate-of-rise as well as voltage level, and functional testing includes assuring a valid standard deviation on test results of a known good oil sample.

CAUTION: When shipping an oil test set, please REMOVE THE SPECIMEN CUP to prevent damage in shipping! (This is a good practice to follow even hauling these sets ’round the back of your truck on the job).

Hipot Tester Repair

We service and calibrate Hipot testers by:

    • High Voltage Inc.
    • Hipotronics
    • Biddle
    • Phenix
    • AR

Ohmmeter Repair

We can repair and calibrate LO-ohm meters (aka microohmmeters or Ducters) by Alber and Biddle.

We can also repair and calibrate several models of Megohmmeters (aka meggers)…please inquire!

Thumper Repair

We also service thumpers, please call 1-800-330-5409 to inquire.