Station Chargers

We can provide bench repair services for most types of station chargers by C&D, Power Conversion Products, Exide, LaMarche, Edison, Goodall, Gould, Marathon, GNB, Fansteel, etc.   Please inquire!

Do you have an emergency need?  We maintain a small stock of 3 and 6 amp chargers, 48 and 130 volt that are ready for emergency shipment.  Call 800-330-5409 for details.

Wish your charger had an equalize timer?  We can add a programmable timer to most any charger.

Most field charger failures are due to control card failure.  Since it’s easier to ship a card than a charger (and many utilities maintain spare cards in stock), we can service many of the control cards presently in use.

We support component card repair on the following cards:

  • EXIDE 101-072-059 – For UC series
  • EXIDE GK0045 – For SCR/SCRF
  • EXIDE GK0048-01 – For SCR/SCRF
  • EXIDE GK0058-01 – For SCR/SCRF
  • EXIDE GK0055 – For SCR/SCRF
  • LAMARCHE P60-73A/AC – For A11/12
  • EDISON Main card – For EBC charger
  • MARATHON GK0058-01 – For SCR/SCRF
  • C&D MBC control card – any
  • GOODALL C60-1 -SCR type control card
  • GOULD GRF – control card
  • GNB C60-1 – SCR type control card

For more information, please give us a call at 800-330-5409 or email us at