GE “Green Board” for ML-32, VR-1 and LTC’s (LRT-200, etc)

We recommend sending entire controls in for service, however, if you desire to replace the component boards in the field, we offer repair on these component boards. The ML-32 and early LRT controls have board interconnect cables “permanently” attached to the board, VR-1 and later LRT controls have plugs on the cable that will disconnect from the green board.

Our typical rebuild includes all new relays, switching transistors and capacitors.

Typical part numbers are P22 3921C872P21, 3918C401G01, 3918C402G01N, 4104X110G01, 3951C402G10, 3951C401P21, 3951C401P22.

This board appears to be no longer available from GE.