COVID-19 Statement

By now you have been inundated with emails describing your vendor’s response to COVID-19.  Please read on, this one is a little different!  

Yes, we are open for businessUnder the US Government’s guidelines, as a supplier to the electric power industry we are considered essential workers and qualify as an essential business within Federal, State and Local juristictions. Yes, we are complying with recommendations from CDC, Commonwealth of Kentucky and Metro Louisville government for prevention.  We are all “preppers” and are not out “foraging” the empty grocery stores…None of us want to catch it either!

We have 3 employees at this 5000 square foot site.  There is very little “close interaction” as every one has their own job to do, and we are practicing social distancing when we need to convey information among ourselves.

While the likelihood of spreading COVID-19 from surface contact days after the last human touch is very small, Incoming regulator controls are being spray-disinfected, and receiving the same as they leave.

You have probably seen some changes in your own personnel assignments due to COVID.  If your warehouse folk are working, please be sure they get any out-of-order controls to us as soon as possible. Should you have an emergency need that requires you to deliver equipment to us for service, please telephone ahead prior to departing so we may make arrangements for your arrival.

If you are in the process of upgrading your controls to SCADA-Comm capability, bear in mind your next shipment of new controls may be delayed as the majority of electronic components on the market now are sourced from China, as well as sub-assemblies integrated into new controls.  You may need to send controls in for rebuild to “bridge the gap” for when things get normal again.

We generally stock deeply on the parts required to repair/rebuild the controls on which we perform service .  You should not see any delay on turnaround for repair orders placed with us.

Thank you for your continued business

Shewmaker Electronics, Inc

Helping You Stay in Control!