Why Choose Shewmaker Electronics?

Them vs. Us…There IS a difference!

If we asked you to have Shewmaker Electronics repair your electronic line and substation controls,
your first thought might be: Why Should I Choose Shewmaker Electronics?

There are several differences between us and the other regulator and re-closer control repair centers that are available to you.
The most important ones are as follows:

We Specialize in electric utility control equipment

Most other houses that work on regulator controls, etc do it as a sideline.  Their “bread and butter” is PLC’s or other industrial process control service.  They don’t get enough volume on a particular utility item to have a history of what usually fails…and what needs attention before it fails.  Most of them can’t tell you the difference between a spring drive and Quick Drive, or the difference between a vacuum and an oil recloser.  Our business has been oriented towards the electric utility since day one.

We’re Particular!

A repair is only as good as the parts that go into it. Some of our competitors use replacement semiconductor devices sold by ECG, SK, or NTE.

If they were fixing TVs and Stereos, that would be fine. TVs and Stereos operate indoors, where the temperature never varies above 90 or below 65. Regulator controls and re-closer controls are designed to operate from well below freezing to above 120 F.

ECG, SK, and NTE transistors and ICs are branded from devices designed for consumer application!!! We don’t use them, in fact we replace them if someone else has…our experience has shown us too many bad ones that someone else has put in at an earlier repair. We use only commercial, industrial and military duty rated parts, just like the original equipment manufacturer.

We really do know what we’re doing!

With over 30 years of experience in control repair, we know what goes wrong with them. This experience and knowledge allows us to be not only efficient and affordable, but has allowed us to develop an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) list for each type of control we repair. The SOP list is a list of upgrade and every-time parts change-outs of commonly failing parts that allows us to take a pro-active maintenance stance and return to you a control that you can depend on.


Solder flux is a rosin compound that cleans the metal to be soldered. Its residue can absorb moisture, and cause shorts or circuit mis-operation. We deflux all circuit boards. Conformal coating is an acrylic coating that is sprayed on the circuit board to prevent mis-operation from moisture on the circuit board. OUR COMPETITORS DO NEITHER! We know…we’ve seen their work!

We’re easy to do business with!

We don’t require RMA forms before you send something to us. We accept VISA and MasterCard, or are glad to bill you. We have a toll-free number (1-800-330-5409) for your convenience. Normal turnaround time is only 10-14 days, and emergency same-day service is available.

***ECG is a trademark of Philips Consumer Electronics; NTE is a trademark of New Tone Electronics, and SK is a trademark of Thompson Consumer Electronics