Diode Brake Assembly

OK, you tore down the LTC for a rebuild or motor replacement only to find the braking diode board is burned up…and you didn’t order one!

We manufacture new brake diode assemblies for GE automatic Load Tap Changers. We have never been aware of the EXACT GE part number for these, we only know for sure of two types: 75 ohm and 50 ohm (which can be read on the “dog-bone” resistors on your old one.

GE has a part number 229A6430G3, Waukesha calls it a 5000-2451, REXEL has two numbers for it 760653 & 760663. Which one is which? Their guess is as good as ours. When ordering from us, read us the resistor value on your old one!

We keep these in stock for immediate shipment and can overnight them to you if need be (order cut off is 2:00 eastern). Call 800-330-5409 if you have a need! Our price on these will save you money!

GE Motor Brake Diode Assembly