Field Service Parts

At Shewmaker Electronics Inc. we offer the following types of Field Service Parts for sale. Please email us, or call us toll free at 1-800-330-5409 to inquire or place an order.

Operation Counters

Several years ago, we noticed a very high failure rate in X2 (“times two”) counters utilized in A-C regulator controls. We found that these counters utilized a DC armature winding with an internal bridge rectifier. These rectifiers would short, and the result would be a blown motor fuse in the control either immediately, or on the next regulator operation.

We were able to find a manufacturer who could build counters for us using a true AC winding. Our ACX1 (times one for GE, older McGraw and others) and our ACX2 (counts by two’s for Allis Chalmers / Siemens-Allis controls) were the results of this effort. As we obtain these in volume, we can offer a better cost to you than the factory parts centers. We have been using these for 15 years with excellent results, and make these available to you for direct sale.

We also maintain a stock of other voltage rated counters for repairs of other types of equipment. Should you have other needs, please inquire at 1-800-330-5409.

Neutral Light Lamps

  • DIALCO Cartridge lamp -fits Siemens MJ series & Cooper CL2A, 4&5

  • 120PSB Slide in lamp – for SJ-4,5,6; IJ-2&2A

  • 28PSB Slide in lamp – for GE VR-1

  • 28PSB Slide in lamp – for Line Materials Cap Controls

  • 1819 Bayonet lamp – for ML-32 series


  • DC Octal 8 Pin 24VDC DPDT plug in – for SJ/IJ Controls

  • AC Octal 8 Pin 24VAC DPDT – for older UJ Controls

  • 120Octal 8 Pin 120VAC DPDT – for some versions of GE Tapchanger control


  • AGC4 – For all Allis-Chalmers-Siemens controls

  • AGX4 -For most IJ-2 controls

  • AGX3/4 – For some IJ-2 controls

  • MDL4/10 – For most Allis-Chalmers-Siemens controls

  • MDL3/8 – For Form 3A (Dual element replaces MDQ3/8)

  • MDA6 – For most Cooper controls

  • FNM* – For Fisher-Pierce PowerFlex controls (Specify 5 or 10 amp)

  • ACG2 – For Fisher-Pierce 4400 adaptive controls

  • FNM1 – For Fisher-Pierce Polyphase Analyzer